Ideas to Live By

The older I’ve become, the surer I’ve gotten about how little I’ve known. What wisdom I’ve gained has come through learning from others; in the spirit of passing it on, and on passing my fortieth decade, here are ideas that have changed my life. What more can you ask for than to be real? In […]

Bruce Lee and the Beginner’s Mind

Bruce Lee was a brash teenager when he first moved to America. Having studied gung-fu in Hong Kong, he opened a school in Oakland to teach whoever wanted to come. That didn’t sit well with the gung-fu community, who thought that Chinese martial arts should only be taught to Chinese. (To put this into perspective, […]

Keep Going

I’m back from a 2-week visit to Japan, where 6 days of that were training. I’ve been a student of the Bujinkan for the past 8-10 years, although while training in Japan I felt like I’d only started. After one difficult session, I asked a fellow student for advice on the train home. He confided […]