Finding Meaning in the Most Terrible Times

On an early morning in Kaufering Camp, Viktor Frankl marched with his fellow prisoners and their Nazi captors. Frankl stumbled through the darkness, against the icy wind, dragging his feet over big stones and large puddles. The guards kicked anyone who didn’t march smartly enough. A man marching next to Frankl whispered: “If our wives […]

Bruce Lee and the Beginner’s Mind

Bruce Lee was a brash teenager when he first moved to America. Having studied gung-fu in Hong Kong, he opened a school in Oakland to teach whoever wanted to come. That didn’t sit well with the gung-fu community, who thought that Chinese martial arts should only be taught to Chinese. (To put this into perspective, […]

Tteuran, Seoul

The herbal tea was bitter, but it knocked life back into my tired bones, sip by sip. I stared at the small garden, not looking at anything, just letting myself still. I really liked it here. Tteuran is a rustic teahouse, tucked away in an Ikseon-dong alley. It serves traditional Korean tea and snacks, inside […]

The Tiger and the Rabbit

A friend once pointed to a photograph and asked when I’d been to Paris–but I’d never been. He was looking at a photo of my dad from the 1970s, when my father had gone to France as a young engineer. I look just like him. We have the same high foreheads, sloping eyes, and sharp […]

I Wrote a Book

HWM MegaGuide: Dig­i­tal Pho­tog­ra­phy 3.0 is the lat­est revi­sion to the MegaGuide which Hard­ware Mag­a­zine has been pub­lish­ing for the last six years. It is designed to help the begin­ner learn about her cam­era and how to take bet­ter pic­tures with com­po­si­tion basics like the rule of thirds, per­spec­tive, and color. Nearly every­thing in MG 3.0 has been reor­ga­nized and rewrit­ten […]

Keep Going

I’m back from a 2-week visit to Japan, where 6 days of that were training. I’ve been a student of the Bujinkan for the past 8-10 years, although while training in Japan I felt like I’d only started. After one difficult session, I asked a fellow student for advice on the train home. He confided […]