Books of 2019

I didn’t read much this year, but out of those few, these books struck deeper than others. Circe by Madeline Miller. Circe deserves all of its accolades: the plot dances and the writing sings. I passed a pear tree drifted with white blossoms. A fish splashed in the moonlit river. With every step I felt […]

Lessons Learned from Around the World

One early morning in Tokyo, I took a train to Meiji Shrine. The skies were clear when I left my hotel, but they were darker when I stepped out of the station. The rain began softly but quickened as I stepped past the Shrine’s torii gate. The downpour splattered off my raincoat but drenched the […]

Books of 2017

I read fewer books this year than in the previous year, and focused more on learning from them. These are seven I’d recommend. 1. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio In 1975, Ray Dalio founded investment firm Bridgewater Associates and then grew it into a billion-dollar company. In Principles, Dalio shares the principles he […]

Bruce Lee and the Beginner’s Mind

Bruce Lee was a brash teenager when he first moved to America. Having studied gung-fu in Hong Kong, he opened a school in Oakland to teach whoever wanted to come. That didn’t sit well with the gung-fu community, who thought that Chinese martial arts should only be taught to Chinese. (To put this into perspective, […]