Crossing a Nameless Ocean

I find myself turning more and more to the Buddha’s teachings in difficult times: I’ve always found the first of his ‘Noble Truths’ comforting, how he said that “life is suffering.” It sounds odd that such a gloomy statement can bring comfort. But it feels like a hand reaching across 2,500 years and saying, “I […]

Ideas to Live By

The older I’ve become, the surer I’ve gotten about how little I’ve known. What wisdom I’ve gained has come through learning from others; in the spirit of passing it on, and on passing my fortieth decade, here are ideas that have changed my life. What more can you ask for than to be real? In […]

Books of 2019

I didn’t read much this year, but out of those few, these books struck deeper than others. Circe by Madeline Miller. Circe deserves all of its accolades: the plot dances and the writing sings. I passed a pear tree drifted with white blossoms. A fish splashed in the moonlit river. With every step I felt […]

Lessons Learned from Around the World

One early morning in Tokyo, I took a train to Meiji Shrine. The skies were clear when I left my hotel, but they were darker when I stepped out of the station. The rain began softly but quickened as I stepped past the Shrine’s torii gate. The downpour splattered off my raincoat but drenched the […]

Books of 2017

I read fewer books this year than in the previous year, and focused more on learning from them. These are seven I’d recommend. 1. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio In 1975, Ray Dalio founded investment firm Bridgewater Associates and then grew it into a billion-dollar company. In Principles, Dalio shares the principles he […]